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Ninja Saga Cheat Weapon Emblem User

Ninja Saga Cheat Weapon Emblem User with Cheat Engine 5.6 and Cheat Engine 6.0. Now I will also post Ninja Saga cheat using Cheat Engine. This time we can get weapons Rare (rare). But sorry, this weapon only to Emblem User. To preview it, you can see the picture below. And my intention to share this cheat so you do not have to use the services of jockey to get this weapon.
Actually this cheat can use fiddler, but for a while that I show using Cheat Engine. And it’s PERMANENT!
1. Go to Ninja Saga
2. Then Run Cheat Engine
3. Click the computer image, then “plugin container exe” for mozilla, chrome or icon if you use chrome (essentially the same your browser)
4. Going to the Kage Room, and run the mission “Escaped Criminals” (LVL 13)
5. In that mission, you try to get the “Healing Scroll” and “Chakra Scroll”
6. If you can, if you get a scan item11 and item10 Healing Scroll if you get a Scroll Chakra. By Value type: Text
7. Address will appear, then click the address it so that the address it will move to the table below.
8. Value Replace it with the weapon code (for code, you can see below)
9. After that run its mission through to completion
10. Let me add smoothly, you stay Reload (F5)
Weapon Code:
* Wpn4 to Tonfa
* Wpn8 for Tri-Star Shuriken
* Wpn11 for Tailed Jutte
* Wpn17 for Dual Head kunai
* Wpn34 for Lightning Sai
* Wpn48 for Bone Machete
* Wpn58 for Thick Broadsword

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